Firefox Focus v4 brings autocomplete, custom search engines

Mozilla just released a large update to Firefox Focus v4 on Android that brings support for autocomplete of URL and usage of custom search engines.

Firefox Focus is Mozilla’s vision of offering a lean mobile browser that enables users to browse the web without leaving trace of any activity. It also disables privacy oriented features like blocking ad trackers, content trackers, analytics trackers and social trackers.

Firefox Focus was initially available on iOS and Mozilla launched an Android counterpart in June of 2017.

Autocomplete on the latest version of Firefox Focus offers suggestions on URL autocomplete for the top 450 websites, based on Alexa results. This feature is enabled by default. One can also add custom autocomplete link.

Another new feature that comes with Firefox Focus v4 is the ability to add custom search engines. The default available search engines on Firefox Focus are Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon and Wikipedia. With custom search engines, you can new search engines like YouTube, Reddit, Digg or your own blog.

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Get the latest version of Firefox Focus here on Google Play Store.