Firefox Buys Pocket 6 Months After Instapaper's Purchase by Pinterest

In a half surprising event, Pocket has been acquired by Firefox. Back in mid-2015, Pocket became the default read-it-later application for Firefox. 2 years after the integration, Firefox now acquires Pocket for an undisclosed amount.

Going forward, Pocket will make use of the largest of available resources from Firefox, while continuing to operate as an independent subsidiary of the Mozilla corporation, said the company’s CEO, Nate, in a blog post.

It is interesting to note that the purchase comes 6 months after Pinterest’s purchase of Instapaper. Back in 2013, when Pinterest started working on article pins, it was making sense that the company is striving every bit to put up as a strong platform for content beyond images. With the purchase of Instapaper, it became evident that Pinterest wants to improve it’s stable with a powerful suite of Instapaper’s features.

Immediately after being acquired by Pinterest, Instapaper did away with it’s premium subscription model and started issuing previously-paid features for free to all the users, plus, an ad-free experience! It is still unclear as to how Instapaper supports itself with relatively zero revenue.

On the other hand, Pocket is still running it’s subscription model at full speed, charging users 5 dollars a month or 45 dollars an year. It would be interesting to see how things change (or stay similar, for that matter), now that Pocket has a new home at Mozilla. Do you think the app that born off Nate’s idea of a simple Firefox addon, Pocket, will be going free in the coming days?