Here's how you find out your Uber rating as a rider

If you ever wanted to know your Uber rating as rider, you should know that there is one such option on the Uber mobile apps. Uber’s always gone by the idea of giving options for riders and drivers to rate each other at the end of the ride. This is one of the key factors that has significantly resulted in Uber being one of the top players in the industry.

Having a quality set of drivers and equally warm playing riders are important for a healthy transportation company’s business. While drivers might get to see their ratings and earnings at the end of their work day, there isn’t one such option for riders, at the front.

Fortunately enough, it was discovered that Uber does provide an option for riders to see their rating, as submitted by the drivers they have had trips with. The option just isn’t made clear on the front and is buried deep inside the app.

To find you rating, do so: launch the Uber mobile app on your smartphone, tap the hamburger navigation button at the top left and click Help. Choose Accounts and Payment options. Choose Change account settings and pick I’d like to know my rating button. Click Submit and the app would show your Uber rating as a rider on a popup box.

Without doubt, this is available only on official Uber apps and not available with Uber partners like Tapzo, Ixigo at this time. What is your Uber rating? Tell us in the comments.