FB Unseen enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control

FB Unseen is the hottest web browser plugin in town that enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control. The plugin was recently published on ProductHunt and has been racking up over 150 upvotes in less than 2 days.

FB Unseen is a suite of a range of privacy features that works on Facebook chat on Facebook website and on the Facebook Messenger website. Currently available as a web browser plugin, this works with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

The plugin enables the following key privacy features for users having this installed:

  * Blocks the delivery receipts.
  * Blocking the typing indicator.
  * Blocks the last seen active indicator.
  * Blocks the seen indicator.

We had a few trial runs with the plugin on Firefox on both Facebook website chat and Facebook Messenger website. The plugin seems to do quite a good job of what’s advertised. The developers claim that they do not track the users personal information nor store data anywhere. All the plugin does is act as a ad-block for Facebook chat over privacy features that should be shipping by default.

Another cool factor that wins me over is the ability to mark a message as read whenever the user wants to. There is essentially a button next to the message which when clicked will mark the message as read, thus giving the user total control over the time as on when the message was read.

One drawback of this extension is that all your messages will be marked as unread for yourself, too, and the “unread messages” notification stays visible as long as you do not reply (or explicitly mark it as read).

The plugin is available for free on their website and can be downloaded here.