Facebook's allegedly new News Feed look leaked

Facebook seems to be working on something really exciting for users. In a recent leak by Ryan of ProductHunt, there seems to be a new News Feed tab on the iOS app. There might chances that this isn’t going to be a full-fledged news feed either. This might be a version of News Feed with links and videos.

Looking at the image, Facebook now has a new tab with a spaceship icon. The tab seems to curates links and videos from sources the user likes on Facebook. The new tab has a Pinterest-like card layout to display the posts. This is personally my favorite choice, for I can scan across posts faster and easier.

With this update, it looks like Facebook might be taking a dig at Pinterest, which recently bought Instapaper and Jelly from Twitter’s Biz Stone. Pinterest is speculated to be building a user-curated social search engine that might be possibly the choice of many in the future.

Facebook’s new spaceship tab will possibly help users to classify their news. As in, friends’ posts would appear in the regular tab while media content, links and videos from popular publications and entertainment sources, would appear on the spaceship tab.

Facebook has not made it live yet. It should possibly be available for all users in the coming days. Probably an announcement at the Facebook F8 on April 18 and 19? Via.