Facebook Spaces is the social giant's latest bet on VR tech

Facebook Spaces is the social giant’s latest bet on VR tech. Rachel Franklin took the stage yesterday at the Facebook F8 2017 conference and announced the launch of Facebook Spaces. This is not to be confused with Google Spaces, which shut down rather abruptly. Google Spaces was a cross-platform app for group discussions and messaging.

Facebook Spaces is rather the social giant’s largest and latest bet on VR tech. Facebook Spaces is a new suite of interesting VR-related features and experiences that enables users to connect with their loved ones in VR view. Physically meeting people is hard, and everyone’s occupied with their work all the time. Facebook wants to bridge this problem and is announcing the launch of Facebook Spaces which issues VR experience with your loved ones over Oculus Rift and Touch.

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This is available as an app on the Oculus Store and is available for immediate use. Once you download the app and immerse yourself into a VR experience, you will get your choice to design your avatar. AI-powered avatar generator to express yourself on the VR world.

You can bring your Facebook friends to the VR world and explore it together.

Why should the people in VR have all the fun? Facebook Spaces lets you easily phone a friend in the real world with Messenger video calling, so you can bring even more people into your VR space. They can answer your call on their phone to instantly open a window into your virtual world. Whether you want to show off your latest 3D drawing masterpiece, play an amazing 360 video your friend would love, or just spend time chatting, it’s one of the best ways to be in the moment together, from anywhere.

While this might look limited to Oculus Rift, Facebook is opening up VR experience to all users by the integration of Facebook Messenger platform. If you own a Oculus Rift and start living a VR view, you can share the experience with a friend over Facebook Messenger and can enjoy the view together.

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Facebook Spaces also opens up selfie images that you can capture in the VR world and share it across on Facebook for your friends to see. Franklin claims that Facebook Spaces is at 1% of completion at the time of announcement at the Facebook F8 meetup at San Jose. Facebook Spaces is set to gain a whole lot of new additions in the coming days.