Facebook Live, now streaming on desktops with third-party tools

Facebook just announced the launch of Live streaming features for desktops. Starting today users can stream live videos to their friends and followers right on their profile or Facebook page. While it is being reported that Pages have already had this feature, we were unable to confirm the veracity of the same.

With Facebook Live now being available for desktops, users can stream videos faster and better. This could particularly be more helpful for video bloggers who would like the idea of streaming video on Facebook, over YouTube for a change.

Facebook makes this available with live streaming tools with RTMP and RTMPS protocol available. Some of the top tools with this enabled include Livestream, OBS, Wirecast, Xsplit and ffmpeg.

Users will have to download these live streaming softwares and setup a server name-key pair on the stream creation page. Once set up, users can broadcast the video with the associated streaming software.

It is important to note that the video streaming key generated should be used within 5 hours. If not, new keys are to be generated. Never share your keys with others. Streaming key is the key component to streaming videos. In the wrong hands, they could broadcast their videos on your post.

Similar to existing Live streaming features, your viewers can see, comment and like your live videos. You can reply to the comments right on your post. In addition to this, Facebook enables sharing of the live videos streamed from computers on your websites. Clicking the settings wrench button on the post gets you an option to embed the HTML code on your website.

This is the second update to Live video streaming at Facebook. It was just a few days back when Facebook enabled an option for users to save their live videos on Instagram. Is Facebook taking a strike at Twitch and the likes?