Facebook comments now get Reactions, Brace for more notifications

Facebook seems to be announcing reactions on comments now. Starting today, all users across the world will be able to react to not just Facebook posts, but also comments on the posts. Users can react with laughing, sadness, shocked, angry or good old like button.

The feature is not limited to Facebook.com, but also is available on its social networking website for brands, by the name of Workplace.

This feature was initially spotted on the desktop version earlier today, but has made way to the mobile version and is available on the latest versions of the Facebook mobile apps too. This does not require a separate app update and will continue to work with the existing app.

Earlier this year, Facebook made this available on Messenger chats, but that version of Facebook Reactions has two additional reactions in thumbs-up and thumbs-down. These are unavailable in the regular Facebook posts or the new comments now.

To be honest, this feature isn’t really needed on Facebook comments. This should only clutter one’s notifications with more, irrelevant mammoth set of reaction alerts.

If at all Facebook wants to continue the development of Facebook Reactions, I believe they should take inspiration from Slack, which does reactions better. They have tiny reaction buttons at the bottom of each message, with a + next to it to quickly add a new reaction.

The long-press setup on Facebook isn’t really working for me, and is time consuming. I would rather hit like and scroll down.