Facebook's Camera Effects platform announced at F8

Facebook launched the announcement of a whole new platform to offer immersive and interesting camera features to users. Going by the name Camera Platforms, the platform brings together designers and developers to launch interesting and creative effects for camera platform.

It is powered by an augmented reality (AR) engine featuring world-class face tracking, 3D rendering, and a reactive JavaScript framework.

Starting today, designers and developers can start adding their creative genius to Facebook’s camera platform and enable users to visualize a completely new augmented reality experience. This can be related to Snap’s latest New World Lenses, a AR-powered design engine that superimposes filters and creative frameworks to your real-world view on the Snapchat camera.

[caption id=“attachment_1458” align=“aligncenter” width=“560”] Image credits: Facebook Camera Effects[/caption]

Camera Effects by Facebook primarily offers two main tools: AR Studio and Frame Studio. With the two, you can create the simplest of AR experiences to the most complex of ideas. Camera Effects is all about enriching visual goal.

Many effects can be built without scripting or writing a single line of code. However, you can add more complex interactivity and animation with scripts, including bringing textures or data from outside sources into the scene, making art react to facial movements or taps, and connecting outside mobile apps directly to the camera for sharing. - Camera Effects platform.

AR Studio includes tools for building masks, animations and advanced scripted effects. Motions, gestures and facial expressions go a notch up with this.

AR Studio is available for developers already and will offer them a robust set of tools to bring out the creative genius. On the other hand, Frame Studio is open for consumers for immediate use and will allow them to create interesting frames for their display photo. Go, get hacking and share your creations with your friends.

Everyone’s betting huge on AR experiences and Facebook and Snap seem to be ahead of others in the race.