[India] Here's how you get Telegram calls enabled, and our results

Telegram seems to have enabled calls for Indian users, but it isn’t quite live for everyone yet. While this might eventually hit your latest Telegram app soon, if you wish to get it right away, you can always ask for someone who has it enabled to call you.

Once someone with Telegram calls enabled calls you, the feature is directly activated for you too. Noticeably this works for Telegram on Android for 3.18.0 and above. The older version do not seem to be accepting calls yet.

  * Update to the latest Telegram app on your marketplace.
  * Ask some with Telegram calls to to call you. You can [message me on Telegram to get it activated](http://t.me/arunsathiya). :)

Once you have this enabled, you will notice a dedicated calls button on the navigation drawer on the left. This shows all your Telegram contacts, with or without Telegram calls. You can click the call floating action button at the top right to call anyone, and it will connect you with that user if she has the latest app. If that isn’t the case, you will be shown a notice that the other person is not on the latest app.

Our results on a few runs

On a few runs with Jio 4G, we noticed that Telegram calls is flawless, with the voice quality being supremely good over similar players. The first call was noticed to be having a bit of hiccup, but things got the better of it in next few runs.

On Jio 4G with 70-100 kBps downlink speeds, the audio reception delayed and there were frequent breaks. Telegram performed better on the same device and same location, with the same network.

When you end the call, a review dialog box appears which requests for your comment on the call you had. This report is directly supported to the Telegram staff and the same appears as a separate conversation on your Telegram inbox.

Also, it is noticed that, if you use Telegram on multiple phones, all the phones will get a call notification if someone calls you. Preferably, this is a good feature and I like it. What do you think about it?

As advertised, Telegram seems to show an unique combination of four emoji at the top right of your screen during a phone call. Compare this with the recipient, and if the emoji are same, the calls are all secure and you are good to go.

On the contrary, Telegram desktop does not have Telegram calls yet. But, a source on Telegram claims that it will be available during the later half of April. Video calls might hit sometime in future too.