Dropbox introduces mobile prompts for two-step verification

Dropbox is announcing mobile prompts for two-step verifications starting today. 2FA verifications are used to add an additional layer of security to users’ accounts. Dropbox has always supported 2FA by SMS and by integration with third-party apps like Authy and Google Authenticator.

Starting today, Dropbox is making 2FA logins even more easier for users who have the Dropbox mobile apps installed. Users can choose to receive a push notification on the app wherein they can confirm the login. This is available for all Dropbox users worldwide starting today.

Mobile prompts for 2FA logins needs no additional setting to be enabled on Dropbox. You can choose to receive a notification when logging into your Dropbox account. Click on the Having troubles getting a code? button to receive the mobile prompt.

This can be linked to the Google mobile prompts that are sent when users are logging into their Google accounts. 2FA security codes are passe.