Chromer 1.7 brings AMP support and Article mode

Chromer 1.7 is out on the Google Play Store and enables AMP support and article reading feature amongst other new features. In a Reddit post, the developer announced the new launch yesterday, and introduced the two new features, major design change, web view fallback and history option.

The popular Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) based app has been raking up downloads lately and is very popular among Android enthusiasts for minimal weight Chrome tabs. This enables Chrome-like browser experience and has support has web heads too.

With the latest update, the app is going by the mobile-first reading experience standard and now AMP websites with ease. Websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) enabled load 4x times faster and display content that is specifically meant to be consumed. While AMP works best with static websites, most of the modern publications have been adopting AMP lately and is becoming the norm.

All websites with AMP enabled would now load on Chromer without any input from the user. No jumping to Chrome to read AMP website. Chromer’s got this baked right in now.

In another major feature announcement, the dev offers article reading experience for all websites. When you are on a article page, click the hamburger menu at the top right > Menu and choose “Article view” to read the post in article reader mode.

The article reader mode basically strips off the ad content, sidebar widgets and other unnecessary tabs while the reader can focus on the news.

In addition to these two major features, Chromer 1.7 now has support for remembering history, design changes that is not really visible at large and web view fallback. Chromer on Google Play Store