Chrome for Android's offline reading gets better with new downloads features

Chrome for Android’s offline reading gets better with new downloads features announced on the latest version of the Chrome Android app. Last year, Google announced the launch of webpage downloads to enable users to read webpages without internet connectivity.

The latest update on Chrome is taking this forward with the launch of new options to improve this feature. Starting today, users can download any webpage by long-pressing that link. Long-pressing that link will show a Download link button which will download the webpage locally to your Android smartphone.

This does not stop here. Google is also enabling users to save webpages even when the internet connectivity is down. When your internet is down and the dinosaur screen shows up, you will see a Download page later button, which when clicked will download that webpage later when internet connectivity is available. This is particularly handy when you happen to cross a spotty internet network area, and you can initiate a download right then, which will actually happen when you move to a better network reception area.

Additionally, Chrome for Android will now show all the downloaded links as cards on the first screen of Chrome, right above article suggestions for you.

Get the latest version of Chrome on Android to experience these features.