Chillr announces UPI integration to the public, with HDFC partnership

Chillr is announcing the UPI integration publicly finally, after having been in beta for a long time and has had over 2 lakh testers on board all these days. Starting today, all Chillr users will be able to signup on the new UPI integration.

Chillr makes these UPI integration possible in association with HDFC bank. Chillr has been operating out of IMPS systems all these days, and has had partnership with 11 banks. But with the new UPI integration, Chillr can enable users of as much as 44 banks to operator their payments with Chillr.

UPI has been taking over the digital payments industry lately and has found massive adoption everywhere. While this is primarily a P2P payment choice, merchants have been adopting UPI too lately with Yatra, Flipkart and Snapdeal being some of the most popular of the lot.

Commenting on this new launch, HDFC said,

Our association with Chillr goes back to the start-up’s early days. We were the first bank to partner with Chillr and with this launch, we are taking it to the next level. Also, for HDFC Bank customers this is yet another avenue for conducting transactions using UPI, which is already available on our mobile banking app.

This UPI integration does not entitle users to get a HDFC bank account. It is rather a HDFC based UPI VPA identifier that they can link to any bank account of their choice.

This VPA will act as a destination and sending point to operate their money with the linked bank account.

UPI is also set to change the way people handle payments in India. The new integration with BharatQR makes things even better. While UPI is all fun and easy to use, there’s a caveat. The refund API has been a horror and NPCI is supposedly launching an upgraded UPI version in the coming days. It should solve all the refund issues merchants have been facing with their consumers transactions. Via.