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Sun TV Network launches video-on-demand service Sun NXT

Sun TV network, a popular television broadcasting operator in South India, has┬álaunched in-house video-on-demand service in Sun NXT. The service is available at the time of writing this post, and the plans begin at Rs 50 per month and go upto Rs 480 per year. The service is available as a web app on the desktop as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS users. [caption id=“attachment_media-2” align=“alignnone” width=“1398”]Sun NXT webiste showing a range of movies and TV shows[/caption]

Apple's first original series 'Planet of the Apps' takes off

Apple’s first original series ‘Planet of the Apps’ takes off. It is live on Apple Music and can be watched for free. The show features real-life iOS developers who pitch their app ideas to a panel of judges, who in turn evaluate the awesomeness of the idea. This is Apple’s first go at video streaming and is likely to feature a major boost in Apple Music’s growth. With this launch, Apple is slowly taking on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which have millions of subscribers each ranging across various countries.