Tapzo Gold Membership is announced at Rs 99/month, Savings off Rs 900+

Tapzo just announced the launch of Tapzo Gold Membership plan that enables users to save better with exclusive cashback offers. This is a monthly subscription package that begins at Rs 99 a month, and offers another package at Rs 249 per month. These are purely introductory prices and there is no clear information if this will be the standard during the coming days. This membership package enables users to get a flat 5% cashback on all online payment orders for cabs, food delivery orders, local offers, flight tickets and bill payments.

Amazon India gets a wallets license authorized by RBI

In a recent report, word is that Amazon India gets a wallets license authorized by RBI and might begins operations soon. The news comes of MediaNama, and is reportedly confirming that Amazon India now is one of the 84 companies to have got this license to operate payments in India. With this, Amazon can handle customers’ money in a closed environment, within Amazon and their partners, for purchasing goods. The license is reportedly issued to Amazon on March 22 of 2017 and is valid until March 31 of 2022.

Paytm's newest update holds your Uber ride money during transit

Paytm just announced a new update to your Paytm wallet transaction workflow. Starting today, Paytm will be blocking your Uber can ride money during transit. This is purely a feature to curb people from misusing the feature. It is reported that people have been misusing the Paytm wallet payment feature on Uber, by using the Paytm wallet money during ride and thus eventually gaining a free cab ride. The latest update ensures that the Uber cab ride amount is put on hold on your Paytm wallet account and does not let you to use it for other payment transactions.

Ola cabs announces UPI integration for ride payments

In a press release yesterday, Ola cabs announced that the company is launching UPI integration on its mobile apps to enable consumers to make hassle-free payments using UPI. UPI has been the recent choice of many in India for digital payments and even for payments at local stores. Backed by government with the launch of BHIM app, UPI allows users to send and receive money in real-time. It taps right into users bank accounts to exchange money.

Ola Wheels is Ola's ingenious April Fools Day prank

In an ingenious yet predictive April fools day prank ideas, Ola cabs announced Ola Wheels. Ola Wheels is your next gen transportation choice for navigating across places within an environment - say, within your office campus or within a hospital campus. Ola Wheels is available as a feature that’s baked right inside the regular Ola cabs app and consumers can call for a vehicle at the click of a button. Ola Wheels enables a segway hoverboard to arrive at your location and will take you across to the places you request.

Medium announces membership program; $5 a month with premium content

Medium just announced the launch of a paid membership program that allows users to experience an improved Medium, with offline reading list support, early access to new Medium features. Medium also states that they would be bundling in exclusive stories from top writers as a part of this subscription program. Costing 5 USD a month, this will continue Medium on an ad-free experience. While this does not directly go to the company, Medium will be using this to pay top writers and help build a balanced economic writing network.

Firefox Buys Pocket 6 Months After Instapaper's Purchase by Pinterest

In a half surprising event, Pocket has been acquired by Firefox. Back in mid-2015, Pocket became the default read-it-later application for Firefox. 2 years after the integration, Firefox now acquires Pocket for an undisclosed amount. Going forward, Pocket will make use of the largest of available resources from Firefox, while continuing to operate as an independent subsidiary of the Mozilla corporation, said the company’s CEO, Nate, in a blog post.

MapMyIndia is Building the Aadhar for Addresses and is commendable

India’s fast changing with the rise of services like Aadhar and UPI to identify and tag every person in the country. From fintech solutions to advancements in Aadhar-based subscriptions or related activities, there has been exponential growth in Digital India initiative. In a similar enthusiasm and as a solution to a major consumer problem in India, MapMyIndia is building a Aadhar-like tagging system for addresses in India. Calling it the eLoc, every address in India is assigned a 6 characters alphanumeric code that can be used for getting to a particular destination.