Facebook launches Snooze, a muting feature similar to Twitter's Mute

Facebook announced the launch of a new feature called Snooze, that allows users to mute posts from accounts, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups for 30 days. This feature is similar to how muting on or Twitter apps works. When you snooze a certain person, Page or Group on Facebook, you will no longer see their posts on your Facebook News Feed for 30 days. The person, Page or Group you snooze will not be informed about your action.

Firefox Focus v4 brings autocomplete, custom search engines

Mozilla just released a large update to Firefox Focus v4 on Android that brings support for autocomplete of URL and usage of custom search engines. Firefox Focus is Mozilla’s vision of offering a lean mobile browser that enables users to browse the web without leaving trace of any activity. It also disables privacy oriented features like blocking ad trackers, content trackers, analytics trackers and social trackers. Firefox Focus was initially available on iOS and Mozilla launched an Android counterpart in June of 2017.

Twitter threads are finally here; Desktop version coming soon

Twitter is officially announcing threads as a feature for all Twitter users. Until now, the feature had been in beta, available for Android users who have signed up for latest beta releases. In the coming days, all Android and iOS users will be able to tweetstorm natively using the Android or iOS app. The new threading feature on Twitter for Android and iOS will be available as a “Add another tweet” button which will be shown right below the threads you create.

[App of the week] Unsample review

I am a huge fan of Product Hunt. I love what Product Hunt has come to since I signed up back in 2015. It has become an integral part of my life and I spend every day looking at interesting apps that can help boost my productivity, teach me new things and help me do things better. Here’s kickstarting a new series called App of the week. I want to blog about that interesting apps that I find every other week.

OnePlus 5T to launch on November 16; Live telecast at PVR cinemas

OnePlus is launching the next generation of its flagship lineup on the 16th of November. Called OnePlus 5T, the launch will happen in New York, Brooklyn and fans are invited to attend the event at $40 per entry. The launch will happen at 2130 hours IST on the 16th of November, which converts to 1100 hours in New York time. Fans in India are invited to watch the live telecast of the launch event at their nearest PVR cinemas.

Android 8 is officially Android Oreo, Key features include Autofill, Instant apps

Android O is official announced, and the Mountain View based search giant and Android owner has named Android 8 after the Cadbury-made edible, Oreo. The announcement comes off a livestream that was launched on YouTube at 1440 ET on the 21st of August. Android Oreo is the latest version of Android yet and is claimed to be faster, smoother and much sweeter than ever. Android O comes with key features like picture-in-picture mode, autofill on your favorite apps, support for Android Instant apps and more.

iOS 11 is official, a recap of key mentions that were announced with iOS 11

Today morning at the Apple WWDC 2017, the Cupertino based giant announced the launch of a iOS 11. The new iOS upgrade brings in a range of interesting features to iOS powered devices. This is by far the largest iOS upgrade for iPad machines ever. Some of the key mentions that were announced with the launch of iOS are discussed here: ApplePay, ARKit that brings in a powerful augmented reality platform with iOS, DND mode while driving, improved Apple Pencil integration on the iPad, Files app to make file management easier on the iOS, improved Siri, improved photography experience on the iPhone devices and redesigned App Store. gets a facelift and supports cab bookings on the desktop now

At the Google I/O 2017, Ola cabs dropped a new feature with the announcement of progressive web app for booking cabs on the go. The announcement’s getting an upgrade with the desktop website getting a facelift too, and will enable a better cab booking experience on the computers. Ola cabs has always allowed cab booking on desktop web browsers since its heydays. The new web booking platform improves this manifold. Users can now request citi taxies, outstation rides or rent cabs ride on the desktop browser.

Facebook's Camera Effects platform announced at F8

Facebook launched the announcement of a whole new platform to offer immersive and interesting camera features to users. Going by the name Camera Platforms, the platform brings together designers and developers to launch interesting and creative effects for camera platform. It is powered by an augmented reality (AR) engine featuring world-class face tracking, 3D rendering, and a reactive JavaScript framework. Starting today, designers and developers can start adding their creative genius to Facebook’s camera platform and enable users to visualize a completely new augmented reality experience.

Snapchat introduces PokemonGo-like AR experience with New World Lenses

Snapchat is no more that company that offers disappearing multimedia sharing app / social network. The app’s evolved over the days and the company’s been gearing towards camera-based challenges and applications, ever since the company filed for IPO in 2017. The latest offering from Snap is the announcement of New World Lenses that superimposes design effects on your real-world view using your Snapchat app’s rear camera. This can be visualized similar to the PokemonGo experience that stole all our hearts back in 2016.