Facebook launches Snooze, a muting feature similar to Twitter's Mute

Facebook announced the launch of a new feature called Snooze, that allows users to mute posts from accounts, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups for 30 days. This feature is similar to how muting on or Twitter apps works. When you snooze a certain person, Page or Group on Facebook, you will no longer see their posts on your Facebook News Feed for 30 days. The person, Page or Group you snooze will not be informed about your action.

Telegram CEO confirms they haven't moved servers/data to Iran and related countries

In a recent blog post, Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, confirmed that they have not moved servers to Iran and related countries as rumored by various media publications and related sources. In the post, Durov claimed that all reports of Telegram hosting data at servers in Iran were false and that it’s the local CDN nodes at such countries that route the data between the users and the Telegram servers.

Twitter gets a major visual overhaul across all platforms

Twitter just announced the launch a major visual overhaul across all platforms, and the update’s rolling out to all users as we read this post. This is completely a overhaul at the design front and does not new to the tech. The Twitter experience remains the same, as we know it. [gallery ids=“2190,2191” type=“rectangular” link=“none” orderby=“rand”] Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from you, we’re refreshing our product too and making it feel lighter, faster, and easier to use.

Facebook comments now get Reactions, Brace for more notifications

Facebook seems to be announcing reactions on comments now. Starting today, all users across the world will be able to react to not just Facebook posts, but also comments on the posts. Users can react with laughing, sadness, shocked, angry or good old like button. The feature is not limited to, but also is available on its social networking website for brands, by the name of Workplace. This feature was initially spotted on the desktop version earlier today, but has made way to the mobile version and is available on the latest versions of the Facebook mobile apps too.

All the major Facebook Messenger features announced at the F8

Facebook Messenger just got a huge, huge upgrade. Chat extensions, a more robust M integration, games and a bot discovering engine are key changes the Facebook F8 2017’s brought to Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger recently clocked 1.2 billion active monthly users and it looks like Facebook is taking all it can to make Messenger everyone’s natural choice for messaging. Chat extensions to shape brands’ future Remember when they announced bots for Facebook Messenger at the last Facebook F8 conference?

Live blog: Facebook F8 2017 begins, watch all the updates here

Facebook F8 2017 is all set to kick off in less than one hour. Facebook’s events have always been interesting and this time, the curiosity’s manifold, given that Facebook now owns the top apps in the world: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Facebook Messenger recently clocked 1.2 billion active monthly users and is likely to announce chatbots in groups. Mark and other Facebook leaders will be talking on artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and on what changes the company is bringing to the world.

Twitter adds a chatbot in @support for self-help

Twitter is updating things at rapid fire this week. Shortly after having announced chatbot API for DMs, they have a working version right with their in-house @support account. Users can now direct messages at @support to get their issues resolved, send feedback or ask for Twitter tips and tricks. Yes, this feature requires the Twitter support account to have opened DMs for public and they have done it. Any user can start sending message to @support to chat.

Here's what to look out for at Facebook F8 2017

Facebook F8 2017 conference is scheduled to happen on the 18th and 19th of this month, April, 2017. While this annual conference for developers and consumers brings around a range of new updates every where, the interests and speculations have been strangely high this year. Update: Facebook F8 is set to kick off in less than 2 hours. Tune in to the live stream page to watch live or follow this page here on Briffly.

[US] Facebook announces group payments in Messenger

Facebook is launching a range of new features lately on the Messenger platform. Starting today, users can now send and request money in Facebook groups. This easily enables the possibility of splitting bills between friends right inside group chats. Money transfer has been available lately on the Messenger app. Since 2015, Facebook has been allowing users to send and request money between friends. While this feature has still been limited to US, there are huge chances that Facebook might as well open that to everyone across the world at the Facebook F8 conference that is happening in the US this April 18 and 19.

Twitter Lite is here, as a progressive web app for slower network countries

Twitter just launched something very useful and interesting for countries with slower network speeds. Starting today, all users in all the countries can use Twitter Lite, a new progressive web app that aims at lowering the data consumption and will enable users to browse Twitter faster and better. Twitter Lite is available as a mobile web app that can be viewed on Google Chrome, Firefox for Android and the likes. It will work with modern browsers just right and will provide an experience that is near similar to the native apps, as in Twitter for Android or iOS.