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How to set up 2 step verification for your internet accounts using Authy

Strong passwords are not safe anymore. There have been numerous news on data comprise, with usernames, email IDs and passwords being leaked to the general public. Amongst various hacks, a few famous leaks include Disqus’ breach in October of 2017 and LinkedIn’s breach in May of 2016. The internet as we know it isn’t safe anymore. Given the importance of personal information published on one’s internet accounts, it’s extremely important to have 2 step verification enabled for all your internet accounts.

How to sort Google Drive files based on quota used

If you have always wondered how you can sort files on your Google Drive account in the order of storage consumption, there is neat trick available that will enable you to do just this. For those feeling left out, Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage service that allows users to store documents, photos and videos, and more to their cloud account. Files stored in your Google Drive account will synchronise across all devices you are logged in.

How to enable snow effect on your WordPress site without plugins

Christmas season is around and WordPress is offering site owners an option to show snow effect on their websites without plugins. This can be enabled both on self-hosted WordPress ( sites and sites, without the need for installing a plugin. To enable this on your WordPress sites, you will need to login into your WordPress WP Admin dashboard, or login to the dashboard and enable it for each site you own from there.