Apple's first original series 'Planet of the Apps' takes off

Apple’s first original series ‘Planet of the Apps’ takes off. It is live on Apple Music and can be watched for free. The show features real-life iOS developers who pitch their app ideas to a panel of judges, who in turn evaluate the awesomeness of the idea. This is Apple’s first go at video streaming and is likely to feature a major boost in Apple Music’s growth. With this launch, Apple is slowly taking on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which have millions of subscribers each ranging across various countries.

Freshdesk Inc. rebrands itself to Freshworks Inc., Offerings to remain the same

Freshdesk Inc. has rebranded itself to Freshworks Inc. The Chennai-based helpdesk software maker announced the news on June 6. The rebrand comes off the need to explain their story better. Freshdesk Inc. initially started as a customer support helpdesk software maker, but has fast expanded to making other products and acquired various other cloud-based business management related products. While the rebranding is effective immediately, Freshdesk Inc. will continue to offer its products under the same name.

Twitter opens a range of DM API to over a chatbot experience, ahead of Facebook's F8

Twitter, today, announced the launch of a range of API endpoints to offer users and brands a new chatbot experience over DM. While Twitter has always been a social sharing and networking place, this new announcement is all set to take Twitter to the next level. Facebook, Slack, Telegram and the likes have seen a huge improvement in automation standards and chatbot experiences all these days, and Twitter was always left out on this growth.

Yahoo and AOL to be merged as Oath, says Tim Amstrong

Roughly after 9 months of Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo for 4.83 Billion USD, Verizon is merging Yahoo and AOL as Oath. The company which was synonymous with the whole of internet, Yahoo, after having messed up by rejecting the 45 Billion offer from Microsoft in 2008, was sold to Verizon with all the assets moving to the latter. It was rumored that Yahoo would be phased off completely and that it would be rebranded to a new name of Altaba or Tronc, but Tim Amstrong, CEO of AOL, has announced today in a tweet that Yahoo will be merged with AOL as a digital brand and will be named as Oath.

Jelly officially shuts down, Download your Jelly answers

Jelly by Biz Stone is now a part of Pinterest family and is officially shutting down services starting April 3, 2017. The announcement came on the 9th of March, stating that Pinterest’s visions are aligned with that of Jelly and that the teams are joining forces to build a stronger front. In a recent mailer to users today, Biz announced that Jelly would not be functioning starting April 3. Both the website and the iOS app are being churned off.

Paytm expands operations to Canada, Offers Bill Payment Services ATM

By launching operations in Canada, Paytm is fast growing from being a small startup focusing on simplying mobile recharges and bill payments to a data mammoth crunching numbers. With this new addition, users in Canada can now make mobile recharges, bill payments and utility payments right from the Paytm Canada mobile app. While Paytm started out as Paytm Labs in Canada as a 2 members operation, little did they know that they would by 55-members strong someday and today, they launch the new product.

Pinterest acquires Jelly search to strengthen fort on human search results

In a bid to strength human-powered search results, Pinterest has recently announced the acquisition of Jelly search from Twitter cofounder Biz Stone and the team. The news comes in the wee hours March 9, and claims that the company is now acquired by Pinterest. The plan seems to come off the idea that Jelly was looking forward to another round of fundraising when this acquisition plan happened to come along. With a few rounds of discussions, the company is now acquired by the image curation platform giant Pinterest.