The all-new Hike messenger 5 is live, Adds UPI payments before WhatsApp does

Hike messenger is getting a major update today, and brings in some really cool features in addition to being the first to launch the most-discussed UPI payments on instant messenger apps. It has been long rumoured that WhatsApp and Hike messenger are bringing UPI payments to their messaging apps, and Hike’s beat WhatsApp to being the first to launch this. Hike 5 brings a few key features, emphasising Hike messenger 5 is available on beta for users at the time of writing this post, and should be rolling out for general users through the coming days.

Twitter gets a major visual overhaul across all platforms

Twitter just announced the launch a major visual overhaul across all platforms, and the update’s rolling out to all users as we read this post. This is completely a overhaul at the design front and does not new to the tech. The Twitter experience remains the same, as we know it. [gallery ids=“2190,2191” type=“rectangular” link=“none” orderby=“rand”] Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from you, we’re refreshing our product too and making it feel lighter, faster, and easier to use.

Google Drive to get full system backup and sync, following Google Photos success

Google just announced that they are brining a major upgrade to how Google Drive works on June 28th of this year. Touted as the launch of a new app, named Backup and Sync, it will replace how Google Drive works currently. Currently Google Drive syncs content inside the Google Drive folder. This is set to change with Google’s new app that will backup your whole computer to Google Drive. This is primarily a small hint dropped by the G Suite team from Google, and it is still unclear as on how users could possibly backup a huge lot of all content with limited storage of 15GB (regular consumers) or 30GB (G Suite Basic users).

Google updates its gamified Maps contribution program, Local Guides, with upto 10 levels and a new perk

Google’s Local Guides program has been one of the most appreciated gamified progams in town. Local Guides enables users to enhance Google Maps by adding new properties, verification properties’ information and adding photos of places and as when they checkin at that place. It applies gamification priniciples to rank users better amongst other Google users / friends, to bring around a fun and competitive element. Local Guides has been around since long, but was always limited to acquiring a maximum level of 5.

iCloud doubles $9.99 plan to 2TB, iCloud Family Sharing's available with this!

Apple’s iCloud is now offering 2TB of cloud storage at the same price of $9.99 instead of 1TB. Apple WWDC 2017 saw numerous announcements around macOS, iOS, new iPad Pro and iMac Pro launches. The new subscription slabs on iCloud is another major announcement amongst many others seen at the Apple WWDC 2017 conference. iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service has been around since Apple WWDC 2011 and offers users with 5GB of free cloud storage to get started.

WhatsApp for iOS gets 'Swipe to Reply', Filters and Tiled Albums

WhatsApp for iOS is getting a new update today and will feature 3 interesting features for users. The news comes off a TechCrunch post, which claims that the chat company told the former about these new features. Filters for media WhatsApp for iOS will now enable users to add any of the 5 different filters available, to media they share with friends. This will apply to photos, videos and GIF files.

Instagram's location and hashtag stories search is now rolling out to all

Instagram announced 2 new features 2 days back and they’re being made live to all users across the world now. This latest addition of Instagram Stories search using hashtag/location extends Instagram’s Stories existing use-case. The hashtag search for Instagram Stories enables users to search for an hashtag to discover Stories related to it. This can be very handy to discover live happenings and stories from everyone related to that topic. This takes Instagram Stories further as the modern news feed for many marketers.

Google Opinion Rewards is now live in India; Earn Money from Google (Play Store Credits)

Google Opinion Rewards is now live in India, Singapore and Turkey; Earn money from Google for responding to small surveys. The app’s developed by the Google Surveys team and has been available in other major regions for quite a long time now. Starting today, this is available in India and 2 other countries. The app is available to download at the time of writing this post. Google Opinion Rewards enables users to answer/respond to short surveys and get rewards in the form of Google Play Store credits.

[Telegram 4.0 - Part 3] Launch of, instant video messaging

Telegram is finally launching The service had been rumored to be coming soon, and it’s here. With Telegram 4.0 and above, becomes possible, in real-time with the power of the new instant video messaging feature. This is supposedly launched at celebrities who popularly use Telegram for broadcasting video updates to fans. Telegram 4.0 brings two other major features that you should not miss out on reading: check out Telegram payments for bots and Telegram’s new Instant View support for all.

[Telegram 4.0 - Part 2] Instant View for all publishers, $200K contest for HTML experts

This is part 2 of what Telegram 4.0 brings. Telegram 4.0 has been primarily about 3 major features: Instant View platform for all publishers, payments for bots and Telescope launch. We covered everything about Telegram bot payments on this article. We will be discussing what Instant View is and how you can get this enabled for your blog. Telegram is also throwing in a $200K contest for HTML experts to help them parse a set of rules that will enable a blog to work on Telegram’s Instant View platform.