Paytm launches @paytm UPI with BHIM UPI; Can use any bank or Paytm Payments Bank

Update: The update is now live on the Paytm app for Android. Users can see an icon called BHIM UPI and clicking on it will enable them to create a dedicated UPI address @paytm. It can be linked to their Paytm Payments Bank account or to any bank account, including Airtel Payments Bank. Users can create upto UPI IDs using Paytm BHIM UPI. Users can also customize their IDs to personalize their UPI experience.

Telegram 4.4 on mobiles brings Live Location sharing, better music player

Telegram is launching a brand new upgrade to the Telegram mobile app for Android and iOS starting today. The new version will now support the ability to share live location with other users for a certain time, and is also featuring an improved music player. Telegram’s new live location sharing feature will enable users to share their location with other Telegram users over a private chat or with a group of users over Telegram groups or supergroups for a certain period of time.

Google gets into the UPI game with Tez in India

Net banking, IMPS, and even digital wallets, are passe as opposed to the latest launches that are happening in the fintech industry lately. The latest of interesting things happening in Indian fintech market is the concept of Unified Payment Interface (UPI), and Google is the newest entrant in the market with the launch of the app named Tez. UPI enables users in India to make money transfers and make bill payments at any merchant points directly with their bank accounts using their bank accounts, all with the convenient app interface.

Google Drive apps are being retired for Drive File Stream, Backup and Sync

Google is retiring popular Google Drive apps for Mac and Windows in the coming months. Support for Google Drive Mac and Windows app will end by December 11 of this year while the products will cease to exist by the month of March 12 in 2018. Google is doing this in preference for two new tech that it hinted way back - Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync. The latter is out and is available as a replacement to both Google Drive app and Google Photos app on Mac and Windows.

Stories are coming to Instagram on the web

Instagram is starting to rollout stories on the web too. The trend set by Snapchat had been quickly spun off into multiple platforms by the social giant, and Stories are now available on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. Instagram backs the most number of Stories though with over 250 million daily active users, as on June 2017. There are reports that Stories are now available on Instagram for the web. It’s likely that this is a staged rollout.

Firefox Send allows sharing of large files with encryption

Firefox’s latest web product, called Firefox Send, allows users to share files with other online recipients. Before this comes off as yet another file sharing tool that will never be used, Firefox Send is different by being private and ensuring secure file transfer with encryption. The files you upload and send to others using Firefox Send will be encrypted at the sender’s end and will not be available for access by Firefox or Mozilla.

Telegram CEO confirms they haven't moved servers/data to Iran and related countries

In a recent blog post, Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, confirmed that they have not moved servers to Iran and related countries as rumored by various media publications and related sources. In the post, Durov claimed that all reports of Telegram hosting data at servers in Iran were false and that it’s the local CDN nodes at such countries that route the data between the users and the Telegram servers.

Google Backup and Sync is finally available; Now backup your whole computer with Google Drive

On the last weeks of June, Google was set to launch a new game-changing feature that would redefine how cloud-powered backup systems worked. Google was to announce a new app called Backup and Sync for Mac and Windows computers that will sync all the files on the computer with your Google Drive storage. The launch was pushed to a later date for various reasons, but now though, the app is finally available for public consumption and is available on the Google Drive website.

Google Photos finally rolls out Shared Libraries and a new Suggested Sharing feature

Google is finally making Shared Libraries available for all users starting today. Google Photos Shared Libraries was announced at the Google I/O 2017 in May of 2017, and has been everyone’s highly anticipated feature since. Google Photos Shared Libraries will be available across all users starting today on iOS, Android and the web. In addition to this, Google Photos is announcing a new feature called Suggested Sharing, that creatively notifies users to share photos and videos with people they care.

Firefox Focus comes to Android, Offers a complete private browsing experience

Firefox Focus has been available on iOS for long, but it’s today when Firefox is bringing the privacy-oriented, minimal mobile web browser to Android. Starting today, users can download Firefox Focus on Google Play Store for a complete, private browsing experience. [caption id=“attachment_2280” align=“aligncenter” width=“1200”]Image: Firefox[/caption] Firefox Focus works by the concept of blocking ad trackers, analytic trackers, social trackers and content trackers. Firefox Focus is available for free and is purely orinted at offering a tracker-less, private web browsing experience for safety conscious users.