Here's how you cast Amazon Prime Video (or any video) to Chromecast

Chromecast has always been helpful for casting videos from any supported platforms like YouTube, Google Play Music or Videos. But, there has not been support for casting high quality videos from websites like Hotstar, Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video where there is no support for Chromecast casting natively.

This is changing with the launch of a new feature on the Chrome web browser for computers. The Chrome team has announced a new feature that will let users to cast any video from any website to the Chromecast device in high quality by enabling Media Remoting feature. This will enable the Chrome web browser to fetch the video content directly from the video bitstream instead of casting the video by means of tab mirroring.

To explain it better, without Media Remoting users can play the video on the Chrome web browser and enable mirror casting on that tab to play the video on the television with Chromecast.

[caption id=“attachment_1521” align=“aligncenter” width=“530”] You can now cast any video to Chromecast[/caption]

But, when Media Remoting is enabled, and the video is played in full screen on the computer, what Chromecast gets is, direct access to the video bitstream, thus playing the video is high quality directly on the television.

This does not increase processing power on your computer as your computer has no role in rendering the video. It works on this just until the time you make the video fullscreen and pass on the video bitstream to the Chromecast device. The Chromecast device handles the rest of the job completely.

> > When Casting a tab to a remote device, enabling this turns on an optimization that forwards the content bitstream directly to the remote device when a video is fullscreened. [#media-remoting](chrome://flags/#media-remoting) > >

To enable this feature, go to chrome://flags/#media-remoting on your Chrome web browser on computer and enable that option. Restart Chrome, play any video on your favorite video streaming service (Hotstar for me) and cast that tab to Chromecast. Play the video on fullscreen on your computer next, and boom. You are done. The video now plays on your Chromecast-linked television in high quality.

You can continue controlling your video right on the media player shown on the computer though.