Caprine is easily the best cross-platform app for Facebook Messenger

Caprine is a shiny new cross-platform app that enables Facebook Messenger access right on your computer. Facebook does not offer an official app for Facebook or Messenger as yet, but the solution to this necessity is set to change with the availability for third-party apps.

Caprine is the newest third-party app that is build atop Electron and is available for all three major desktop OS - Mac, Windows and Linux. Electron is a framework for creating native desktop applications with existing web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Caprine is free at the time of writing this post and comes power-pocked with a range of features. Few popular Electron-based apps include Slack,, Atom and Insomnia.

The app’s basically a skinned version of Facebook Messenger as seen on and offers the same functionality available on The app enables users to make chat conversations with friends, as well as packs bot support as available on Messenger on Facebook website and

Born off a developer’s hobby, Caprine is now under active development with many developers working on it, and team’s always welcoming third-party contributions.

Some of the most interesting features available in Caprine include privacy - the ability to block when you’ve read someone’s message or the ability to block your current typing status.

In addition to these, Caprine is offering a range of customization features. You can create a Messenger experience themed to your ideas. You can enable/disable dark mode, enable/disable compact mode if you are the kind of person that sticks to one chat conversation through a long time. Plus, Caprine comes with support for desktop notifications - never miss out on the most important of messages.

The app also offers a range of navigation hotkeys. Caprine is available for free at the time of writing this post, and can be download at this link - Download Caprine for your computer.