Buffer's Multi Composer feature enables differential content sharing for different social accounts

Buffer is now offering a new feature out of the box that enables differential content input for different social accounts. Twitter limits updates to 140 characters and things always end to being dots ({text}…) when you share over 140 characters.

This is set to change with this new feature. Users can now manually type messages for different social accounts. This way, users can type message #1 for a particular social media account and message #2 for another social media account.

Currently available on the Buffer extensions, Tom, product manager at Buffer, says that this will be available for all users across mobile apps and Buffer dashboard soon.

Strangely while this seems to be a helpful feature from Buffer, it looks like this might be a result of Facebook’s rules. Facebook mandates that Buffer and similar apps do not get into the way of user’s sharing options. Facebook claims that the user should be the one to input the message to share on their wall, and thus seems to be birth of this feature.

Multi Composer enables one to type content as low as 140 characters for their Twitter profiles, over 140 characters for their Facebook profiles and similarly. There seems to be no option to copy or duplicate a particular message across for other profiles though.

One can start using the new Buffer Multi Composer feature right on their Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome extensions now. If at all it is not available for you yet, one can reach out to Buffer team on Twitter or Slack to get this enabled.

We had a chance for a chat with Tom at Buffer, and he says that there are lots of interesting things happening at Buffer lately. Multi Composer, improved analytics are various ideas among making Buffer simplied and easy to use. We at Briffly cannot wait to see things when they happen!