Apple announces HomePod, a Google Home, Amazon Echo competitor at 349 USD

Apple’s hosting the WWDC 2017 conference at San Jose’s Mcenery Convention Center from Jan 5 to 9, and this morning we saw major Apple personalities grace the keynote stage and announce some really cool products and software upgrades.

One of the major announcements that the company dropped was the launch of a new homespeakers by the name of HomePod. Calling it a revolutionary product to Reinvent home music, the HomePod from Apple will enable users to play high quality music throughout your home. Apple calls words that it will be a helpful assistant throughout with the integration of Siri in it.

HomePod will need an Apple Music subscription account. It costs 120 USD an year and surprisingly, Apple has over 27M paid subscribers currently. Apple Music will seamlessly integrate with your Apple HomePod and will play music on your HomePod based on your interests and needs. It works on the intelligence behind Apple Music and will seamlessly enable a music experience across all your HomeKit devices.

> > A quick look at the all-new HomePod from Apple. Announced at the Apple WWDC 2017 conference, it costs 349 USD. "Reinvent home music" 🔥 []( > > — Briffly (@briffly) [June 6, 2017](

The Apple HomePod will be available from December, starting with US, UK and Australia. It wil be retailing at 349 USD, a whopping huge price for a smartspeaker. It should be interesting to note that the Google costs 129 USD and Amazon Echo costs 179 USD, a lot cheaper than what HomePod is priced at.

Apple’s HomePod looks like a powerful integration of hardware and software at its best. It is powered by a A8 chip and is the brain behind the advanced audio innovations. It comes with automatic room-sensing technology that enables the HomePod to sense its position in the room, listen and project resposnes better. The woofer at the top delivers seamless, highquality audio while the HomePod has 6 microarray listeners to get the users’ commands seamlessly, for Siri to further process it.

Easy setup that is as intuitive as setting up AirPods — simply hold an iPhone next to HomePod and it’s ready to start playing music in seconds. - Apple

HomePod is a relatively new product, but that does not eliminate the fact that Apple’s powerful Siri can make up for it.