All the major Facebook Messenger features announced at the F8

Facebook Messenger just got a huge, huge upgrade. Chat extensions, a more robust M integration, games and a bot discovering engine are key changes the Facebook F8 2017’s brought to Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger recently clocked 1.2 billion active monthly users and it looks like Facebook is taking all it can to make Messenger everyone’s natural choice for messaging.

Chat extensions to shape brands’ future

Remember when they announced bots for Facebook Messenger at the last Facebook F8 conference? They are taking this forward with the announcement of chatbots for groups and the announcement of chat extensions. Chat extensions are third-party hooks that will allow brands and businesses to offer their services/content right on Facebook Messenger.

Chat extensions is a pure goldmine for Messenger developers. Spotify and Apple Music are two interesting usecases off my head. If used right, brands can strike big time. 1.2 billion monthly active users is a huge deal and if done right, brands could see huge money rolling their way.

Today marked a year since the Messenger platform launched publicly (at last year's F8!). In this time, several partners, founders, entrepreneurs as well as large Fortune 500 companies have adopted Messenger and made it their own. A big thank you to the incredible partners who have taken the platform to incredible heights, as well as the ecosystem developers who support and empower their dreams.

Uber, Giphy are few other cool names that are being a part of the initial rollout on chat extensions.

Bot discovery store

Bot services on Facebook Messenger have been pretty good, sure, but there’s been something that’s been lacking on the app for a long time. A discovery engine for finding cool apps. Botlist and ProductHunt have been cool places to find the best of new Facebook Messenger bots, but this is set to change now. Now that Facebook is officially launching bot discovery section on the Facebook Messenger.

Starting today, users will start seeing a new section the Facebook Messenger that will render top bots, new bots and interesting ones on the list there. Brands can choose to activate their listing here, if they work it right. Get more users on your bot and the space is all yours.

This can be related to Telegram’s store bot.

M’s suggestions to get better along

Remember when Facebook announced the launch of a Facebook Messenger assistant in the name of Facebook Messenger M? M is basically your Messenger assistant that governs your activity on the chat app and will offer you suggestions to improve your workflow better. Starting today, M will be more robust and will hook into your group chats too and will choose to offer delivery services or choose to order a Uber to your home if you are planning something with your friends. Yes, Facebook Messenger cannot get anymore creepier.

In addition to all these, Facebook is also announcing games right inside Messenger and improved connections with Facebook Messenger’s QR codes. QR codes are to be more prominent across all the places you visit and will allow you to scan and do things possible with the brand’s bot.