Ola cabs and Airtel join hands for a better business

Ola cabs and Airtel are joining in a strategic partnership to leverage each other's features for business growth.

Here’s how you cast Amazon Prime Video (or any video) to Chromecast

With this new feature on Google Chrome for computers, users can now cast any video in high quality, irrespective of casting support.

Gmail Unsubscriber is your easiest bulk unsubscription tool

Here is a handy Google Sheets script that will run 24x7 and unsubscribe you off the mailers that you choose to. In bulk.

Here’s how you find out your Uber rating as a rider

Uber does provide an option for riders to know their Uber rating. It's just that the option is hidden deep inside the app. What's your rating?

Facebook Spaces is the social giant’s latest bet on VR tech

This is a set of interesting VR-related features & experiences that enables users to connect with their friends in VR view.

Facebook’s Camera Effects platform announced at F8

With Camera Platforms, you can create the simplest of AR experiences to the most complex of ideas. Both are available for use immediately.

Snapchat introduces PokemonGo-like AR experience with New World Lenses

Snap's latest offering is New World Lenses that superimposes design effects on your real-world view using your Snapchat app's rear camera.

Here’s understanding Facebook Messenger chat extensions better

Chat extensions allows multiple users to chat with the same business bot at the same time. They're taking group chats to a whole new level.

Messenger F8 Bot is a must-have if you are attending the conference

The bot gets you the Facebook F8 2017 schedule, tracks your connection with fellow people attending the meetup, unlock giveaways and do more.

FB Unseen enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control

FB Unseen is the hottest web browser plugin in town that enables your privacy on Facebook chat by letting you take control.